ROHMIR SS20: Beauty and Inclusivity

ROHMIR is loved by the masses and has a reputation that is unique to other designers. You can understand why as for SS20, the Swiss fashion brand produced one of the biggest collections demonstrated during London Fashion Week.

Creative director Olga Roh has created Spring/Summer designs that celebrate multinationality and self-confidence, and this begins at the root of the brand itself. The Swiss-Russian designer has recently being awarded the Global Champion’s “Women of Hope” accolade and showcases her multifaceted talents by not only being chief designer, but also is in charge of ROHMIR’s in-house production for their shows every season.

Roh’s designs centred around the idea of “body sculpting without surgery”. Her strong mix of femininity with edge promoted fearless body-confidence and beauty in the natural. As twin models walked in matching looks down the runway, they smiled for the camera, a rarity at Fashion Week.


The collection was dedicated to the golden years of the 1920s. Full of joy, frivolity and dreams, the designs reflected the decade through their flamboyance and sophistication. Translated for the 21st century female, the array of ensembles showed Roh’s understanding of the contemporary woman, ranging from activewear to holiday attire and more tailored pieces.

Not only were the designs made from sustainable materials but were full of colour, texture and pattern. Intricate floor length gowns swept across the catwalk whilst suits and straight cut dresses oozed a chic but playful demeanour through feathers, silks and satins. Each piece cleverly managed to burst with energy whilst showcasing a multinational inspiration.


The collection was elegant but fresh, leaving the audience feeling empowered and energised. The celebration of unity and inclusivity was perfectly encapsulated in the final act where, Olga Roh with all her models, posed for photographers before exiting the runway.

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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: The UP Coming

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