Royal Blood Hits The Seaside

Brighton duo, Royal Blood took to the stage at Bournemouth International Centre on Tuesday night to give the seaside town a taste of rock music at its very best.

Supported by Black Honey, and American punk rock band At The Drive-In, it was a night of head bashing and mosh pits as the crowd went wild for belting vocals and powerful guitar riffs.

Black Honey

Black Honey

At The Drive-In, after a 17-year gap, showcased their latest album in • ter a • li • a on Rise Records, after Relationship of Command in 2000, giving the Royal Blood fans a perfect warm-up to a night of rock music.


At The Drive In

Although many critics have branded Royal Blood’s rock sound as too commercial, the duo have managed to build a devoted fan base who have continued to enjoy Ben Thatcher’s remarkable drumming, and head bash to bassist Mike Kerr’s killer guitar riffs.

Their second album, How Did We Get So Dark?, was a roaring success, managing to pip Lorde’s Melodrama to the No. 1 album spot in the UK. This latest album managed to possess a more refined, yet still distinctive, sound that has become the boys’ signature genre- a heady mix of groove rock with some grunge and blues thrown in for good measure. Their latest voyage has even managed to incorporate female backing singers and a synthesizer in the form of the stunningly dark track, ‘Hole In Your Heart’.


Album cover for the boys’ second album, How Did We Get So Dark?

Tracks from their self-titled debut album featured heavily with my particular favourite, ‘Come On Over’ having a thrilling edge live on the BIC stage. Kerr’s smooth, high-pitched voice soared through his stunning guitar riffs and made the crowd sway and jump to the rhythm.

album cover

Album cover for their debut self-titled album.

Opening with ‘Lights Out’, Kerr managed to encapsulate his audience right from the offset with ‘Where Are You Now?’ filling the crowd with the energy they needed to stay hot on their feet.

By far the best encore I have ever witnessed, ‘Ten Tonne Skeleton’ and ‘Out Of The Black’ closed the show in style, giving the crowd a taste of their influencers, Queens Of The Stone Age, White Stripes and the one and only, Muse. Ending with a crisp, fluid drum solo from Thatcher and some deep riffs from bassist, Kerr, not only did they play an impressive set, but they interacted with the crowd, keeping us wanting more. Thatcher even came forward from his drum kit to kneel on the crowd in a more cautious version of a crowd surf.

The boys in action.

The Full Set List was as follows:

Lights Out

Where Are You Now?

Come on Over

You Can Be So Cruel

I Only Lie When I Love You

She’s Creeping

Look Like You Know

Little Monster

Hook, Line & Sinker

Blood Hands


Hole in Your Heart

How Did We Get So Dark?

Loose Change

Figure It Out


Ten Tonne Skeleton

Out Of The Black

The UK tour concluded this week in the boys’ hometown, Brighton.


Band members Ben Thatcher and Mike Kerr.

Have you seen Royal Blood live?


Text: Millie Bull

Images: Readdork, Billboard, YouTube, Flick of the Finger, DIY Magazine

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