Scandinavian fashion at its best: Kepaza

Last year, Pernille Fristad, designer and founder of Kepaza dreamt of selling her clothes next to the big players in the industry. Today – she’s next to them at the stores in the city that never sleeps, New York.


Can you tell us about your brand and what it is inspired by?
Kepaza is a women luxury brand that makes playful, strong, unique and feminine clothes with a geometrical twist on every garment. I, Pernille Fristad started Kepaza in 2012 as a side project to going to fashion school and in 2016 I followed my dream of doing it fulltime. Kepaza has shown three collections at New York Fashion Week and dresses many different artists.

What are your designs inspired by?
My designs are inspired by different themes that inspire every collection, but the main inspiration is always to empower women and to highlight women’s curves with the geometrically shaped lines.


You’ve come far since we interviewed you last, how has your journey been?
It has been ups and downs since you last interviewed me. It’s not easy starting a business and trying to shape brand into something big, but all the downs are something that makes me stronger and keeps me fighting more. The ups have been many and that the “Kepaza movie” won 2 awards in Hollywood for “Best short documentary” was amazing and gave me an extra push. Working with Ali Levine and Celebrity Page TV in the US has also been a fun and proud thing for us. I just have to continue to push forward and hope for positive opportunities.

What does it mean for your brand to be featured in NYC?
This is one of the biggest things that have happened to Kepaza and we are so proud to be in “Dreams on Air.” Just to have a store that wants your clothes in Manhattan is big and then to be on the same street as my old boss Jeremy Scott with Moschino and Chanel. That is big! I have always dreamed of having my clothes next to them and that dream just came true!


Go check out Kepaza here and let us know what you think of the brand. We love it, don’t you?

Interviewed by: Lene Hille

Images: Pernille Fristad / Kepaza

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