Scottish designers invent glasses to see like Wes Anderson

On a trip through the Highlands of Scotland, 3 friends invented the “filter sunglass brand”, Tens. These were designed to mimic the much-loved filters of Instagram – a “real life photo filter”.  The creators of Tes researched a multitude of digital manipulation techniques to come up with a way to create a pair of sunglasses that skips the need for a digital filter and instead creates an ‘enhanced’ view of the real world. Now you can wear them and see the world like Wes Anderson!

Wes Anderson filters

One of the creators and founders of Tes, Marty Bell, explains that the team “focused predominantly on the way bright sunlight was filters” to create the glasses that “[boost] the saturation of what the wearer sees whilst blocking out harmful rays”. Now, five years after the release of the aforementioned original lens, a new “visual experience” is coming out, known as “Spectachrome”.

These lenses are inspired by the distinctive Wes Anderson colour palettes seen in his films – such as, “Hotel Chevalier”, “Moonrise Kingdom” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. The ‘Wes Anderson aesthetic” has taken the world by storm with his whimsical colour palettes and the visual symmetry seen in his films.

The Grand Budapest Hotel film - Wes Anderson

The Spectachrome lens has full UV400 protection, meaning that while wearing these glasses you will be protected from the sun while being able to experience the world filtered in a cinematic, vintage and undeniably Wes Anderson way.

If you want to experience the world as if in a Wes Anderson film, you can order them now for £69 or just switch on “The Grand Budapest Hotel” on Netflix!

Text: Didi Robinson

Images: Unsplash, Wikimedia Commons

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