See TV show by Apple might cost the same as Game of Thrones

See TV show is an upcoming American drama series produced especially for the Apple TV+. Written by Steven Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence, it is set to be one of the most expensive productions in the history of TV.

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What can we expect from See?

See has the potential to be Apple’s most intriguing show. It has epic world building while also asking deep question about humanity which could make the company’s first hit.

“See takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the earth was devastated by a virus that was only survived by a few million people. Everyone that emerged as a survivor came out blind. The story begins centuries later when human race has lived for so long without sight that it’s debated whether it even existed,” – Cultofmac.

Jason Momoa will play the character Baba Voss. Although details on the show have not been fully revealed yet, other stars include Hera Hilmar, Christian Camargo, Shalyn Ferdinand and Lauren Glazier. It looks like See will be a mix between Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead.

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Apple teases thrilling adventure as well as profound questions, like “how much of my experience of the world is visual?” “Would the loss of sight change who you are as a person?” In an Instagram post promoting the show, Jason Momoa said the series is “The greatest work I’ve ever done.”

Apple hasn’t given an official launch date for Apple TV+ other than to say its coming “this fall.” Production is still underway on a number of the company’s shows. See is expected to be among the first shows Apple offers through the TV app and could be picked up for more seasons if it’s successful.

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What budgets are we talking about for See TV show?

With 10x 60-minute episodes in the season, that means that See‘s total budget is around $150 million. But it does show that, when it comes to things like big VFX sequences and actors, Apple is not afraid to splash the cash. The last season of Game of Thrones cost $15 million to make per episode.

According to The Wall Street Journal article, Disney’s own Disney+ streaming service is also spending big money. The Star Wars show, The Mandalorian will cost around $15 million per episode. Amazon is additionally spending heavily on its own programming. It brokered a $250 million deal to make its own Lord of the Rings series.

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Are you excited to watch See TV show by Apple?

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