Sizzling spa treatments to try with your loved one

Think spa days are just for you and your girlfriends? Think again! It doesn’t get more sensual and romantic than getting closer to your S/O while also feeding your health and beauty. Spice up your chemistry with Bae by trying out these sizzling treatments.

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  1. DIY romantic spa night

Looking for a budget night in besides the usual Netflix, pizza and snuggle? Here, at Backstage Tales, we’ve got you covered. Light his fire with some not-too girly treatments. The best thing about spa nights at home is that you get to take things at your own pace, and get creative with your choices!

Set the tone just right with some candles of course, then ease into things with a tantalizing tub for two.  A romantic evening is not complete without some red wine (or even green tea), so pour a glass (or two), lay back and indulge! Following your bath, you could give him a sultry massage, then ask him to return the favour.

If you’re both game for a homemade body polish to exfoliate the bad days away, then try out some of these super cool and easy DIY scrub ideas.

sizzling spa and beauty treatments to try with your loved one - backstage tales

sizzling spa and beauty treatments to try with your loved one - backstage tales

  1. Aromatherapy massage

This is the standard go-to couple’s spa treatment, and for good reason!

It is becoming more popular for couples these days to share a massage together, especially an Aromatherapy one. Aromatherapy massages use massage oil or lotion containing essential oils, which you inhale or absorb through your skin. This type of massage is not only sensual to share with a partner because of the soothing rhythms and enticing scents, but has been proven to promote beneficial changes in your mind and body.

Here are some common essential oils with their purported properties:

  • Calming: chamomile, lavender, and geranium oil
  • Uplifting: ylang-ylang, clary sage, rose, and neroli oil
  • Energizing: rosemary oil
  • Decongesting: eucalyptus, pine, and tea tree oil


  1. Milk/herbal bath

Bathing is an ancient therapeutic practice known as ‘Balneotherapy’. Most spas offer revitalizing baths, whether it be a milk bath or a herbal soak. Any couple’s treatment is centered around romance, and spas usually go out of their way to make your experience a memorable one for you and your partner. Just imagine a tub strewn with rose petals, a bottle of Champagne, and some strawberries and chocolate. A milk bath leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, and soaking in a tub of organic herbs can alleviate stress and tension in muscles. So, brew yourself a bath!

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  1. Couple sauna therapy

Research has shown that sauna bathing is linked to an array of health benefits: promoting pain relief and uplifting your mood being just two of them. You can unwind with your partner, giggle amongst the steam, and let the humidity extract your troubles away!


  1. Pedicure for two

Don’t let your guy fool you into thinking pedicures are just for women – just let him know how big it is amongst the athletes, and you’re good to go. If you love having your feet pampered, then there’s no reason to not consider this as an activity to share with your partner. Pedicures for men are usually well catered for with manly sandalwood and spicy scents. Kick those tired and aching feet up and enjoy!

pedicure for two - backtage tales

Which of these are you keen on trying with your boo?

Text: Crystal-Lee Ramlukan

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