Steven King’s 1922 Netflix Remake

Steven King’s adaptations are all the rage right now, with the latest IT breaking box office records and The Dark Tower earlier this year, it’s no wonder Netflix are hoping to take advantage of the king-fever with the remake of 1922.

1922 film

Wilfred James in 1922 trailer

1922 is a story about a man’s confession of his wife’s murder, to keep the house she wanted to move from. However, after he buries her body, he finds himself terrorized by rats and becomes convinced his wife is haunting him.

1922 adaptation

Thomas Jane and Molly Parker who star as husband and wife in 1922

The story appeared in King’s 2010 novella collection Full Dark, No Stars. Thomas Jane plays Wilfred James, a farmer who murders his wife (Molly Parker) rather than let her leave him. If Jane’s character thinks that’s the end of it, he’s mistaken as his dearly departed wife doesn’t plan on leaving.

Full Dark, No Stars Novella cover

The 1922 trailer is a moody, terrific cut of the adaptation and anticipates shocking the viewer once released. Director Zak Hilditch looks to be bringing workman-like style to the story, with a handful of tense, creepy moments- even before the rats start showing up.

But 1922 looks like it might be that rare exception of a film adaptation that improves on the source material with Hilditch also being a writer, we can only assume that his experience will serve the adaptation a positive outcome.

1922 stephen king

So far critics are giving the adaptation positive feedback, for example Fantastic Fest described it as “‘The Shining’ meets ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’” in the year’s most impressive Stephen King adaptation yet, and Inverse predicted that the adaptation “Looks even scarier than It.” The film will be released on Netflix on the 20th of October this year, make sure you catch it, we know we will!


Text: Sophia Georghiou

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