Four Sustainable Swimwear Brands You Need to Know

Summer is approaching and we will all be looking for perfect-fitting swimwear – or better yet, something that is sustainably manufactured. We’ve cut down on your searching time by delivering some of the best sustainable swimwear brands around at the moment who create bikinis and bathing suits to make you feel like a goddess whilst considering the welfare of our planet.


Ode & Rae are a luxury swimwear brand with a sea, land and people project. This means that all materials are made from recycled plastic taken from the ocean and for every piece of swimwear they make, they protect 1 square km of rainforest for 25 years. Prices from £22.

Abysse uses natural rubber and recycled fibers all while supporting two charities: Sirens for the Sea and Moorea Coral Gardeners. Sirens for the Sea are a team of scientists who contribute their time and skills to create awareness and educate the population as well as raise funds to protect our oceans. Moorea Coral Gardeners are a valuable coral reef restoration and conservation program. Prices from £85.

OceanZen manufactures sustainable swimwear made of recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets that have been recovered from the ocean. They ensure that no plastic packaging will be used in the transportation of their swimwear nor their branded packaging. And once your garment is ready and packed, they will ship it using a 100% carbon-neutral delivery service. Prices from £42.

Elle Evans Swimwear manufactures garments only after they have been ordered, reducing wasted materials. Every product uses regenerated nylon made from 100% nylon waste found from the oceans and landfills. They digitally print their fabric using water-based, non-toxic inks and recycle all their discarded paper. Prices from £40.

With one garbage truck of textiles wasted every second, ninety-two million tons of solid waste dumped in landfills each year and more than a third of all microplastics released into the oceans being from synthetic textiles, these brands are vital in changing the way that fashion treats our planet through preserving our rainforests and protecting marine life.

What fashion choices do you make that help towards a more sustainable lifestyle?


Text: Melissa Hawkes

Images: All images from Instagram: @goprotrip_val, @odeandrae, @abysseofficial, @oceanzen_bikini, @ellevansswimwear

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