Tattoo artists’ Instagram accounts you need to know

Where do most of us get tattoo inspiration? The Internet, of course! We gathered the best tattoo artists’ Instagram accounts you need to follow to find the tattoo of your dreams.

Tattoo artists’ Instagram accounts


This tattoo artist from Seoul works in a minimalist style. His works are very elegant, and the lines are so thin that they are barely noticeable. Colour drawings resemble watercolour sketches and beautifully blurred patterns.

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: Walking Fox . #fox

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It was JonBoy who set the trend for minimalist tattoos in the West. Especially the trend for inscriptions. Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner brought the glory to this New York master. By looking at this tattoo artists’ Instagram you can find ideas for tiny tattoos and spot some interesting fonts.


Another tattoo artist from Seoul creates small drawings with a clear outline and bright colour accents. Among the images there are frivolous motifs from flora and fauna as well as various symbols. Some look like they are drawn with coloured gel pens. Each of the tattoos is no larger than a phone.

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The works of the Polish tattoo artist Bianka Szlachta are like graphic comic-sketches. The characters of her illustrations are caricatural cat-people, funny sitting dogs, horses with inharmonious stature, mermaids. Almost no hatching, just a simple black outline.

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portret Freuda jako pierwszy w @zmierzlokitattoo

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Korean tattoo artist works with colour especially beautifully. His works are miniatures in watercolour techniques with different subjects, where the most beautiful features are the colour transitions. Some of the images are so small and diverse in colour that they can be compared to jewellery.


The main idea behind all the works of this master is working with only one or two solid lines without interruption. Most often on the pages of this tattoo artists’ Instagram you will find an abstract miniature, graphic landscape or a face contour.

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Tattoo artist Valeria from the Crimea creates bright floral works. Her tattoos are full of rich colours, and the main characters are wildflowers. The master also draws temporary tattoos.

What do you think of these Tattoo artists’ Instagram accounts? Would you get one of these tattoos?

Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Behance

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