The guide to the perfect cleanser


Contrary to belief, did you know you don’t need to cleanse in the morning and evening? 

And, did you know that different skin types require different formulations within their cleansers? 

Finally, did you know that not all quality cleansers need to be expensive? 

Sit tight as we go through our guide to the perfect cleanser.

Simply using a wipe instead of a cleanser to remove make-up could possibly cog up your pores even more and leave make-up to cause breakouts through the skin’s surface. However, simply splashing your face with water can also dry out your skin and just rinse the skin as opposed to deeply get rid of impurities. A good cleanser however will remove surface dirt, bacteria, sweat and make-up or even soaps. This will prevent the pores from becoming clogged and reduce the risk of breakouts. 

The massaging action will help bring blood flow to the skins surface, helping that natural glow. However harsh cleansers with a lot of alcohol in them can dry the skin out and cause dead skin. This could also cause an over-production in sebum. So even if your face feels squeaky clean, fresh and tight after use… this could mean that your cleanser may be a little to harsh for your face.

Follow our steps to cleansing with our 3 favourite skincare cleansers. 

  1. Dispense cleanser on the back of your hand so that you can apply evenly across your face. 
  2. Massage into your pores, neck, behind the ears and nose especially so that any forgotten make-up is lifted straight off. 
  3. Use warm water and a cloth to wipe and rinse off. 
  4. Splash your face with cold water to tighten your pores again. 

Daily Boost Hydrating Cleanser, Meta~pora- £47.95

Sweeps away impurities from the day so that you face is ready to start again. Hydrates the skin whilst deeply cleansing it so that your face is left feeling calm. 

Cleanse and Polish, Liz Earle- £17.00

Revealing radiant skin, this product is moisturising and leaves the skin feeling brand new. A fresh feeling which doesn’t make the skin feel tight or screaming for a face cream. 

Rosehip & Comfrey Cream Cleasner- Face Wash extra dry, mature and combination skin, UXB- £14.00

This cream cleanser easily lifts off impurities and make-up leaving the skin vitamin rich and controls production of sebum. 


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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Meta~pora, UXB, Liz Earle 


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