The most advanced mirror to hit the high-street

With technology in the beauty industry forever evolving, I was recently introduced to the most practical and futuristic mirror on the market- The Spotlite HD Mirror by Just Own It. With every consideration for every type of person, this product is not only all singing all dancing, but actually very useful.

Brought out by Just Own It, the mirror was designed to help anybody who has an interest in makeup to overcome any challenges they may come across with poor lighting, poor storage and poor spacing. These may seem like very basic makeup needs but are usually overlooked. To appear like you know what you doing you need the right kit. From true beginners to utter professionals this product has a wide target audience which would appeal to global makeup enthusiasts. Set your expectations high and enjoy the process, after all… doing your makeup should be therapeutic not stressful.

Firstly, the most obvious benefit of this mirror is the daylight inspired LED lights which sit either side of the mirror to illuminate any foundation lines or harsh bronzing mistakes. By outlining these simple ‘whoops’ moments mean’s that when you step out the door people won’t be noticing the poor blending. It helps you to keep on top of your game without hesitation to be more confident with colours and makeup products.

Secondly, the mirror is fully flexible to allow a tray to place brushes, makeup products or other utensils allowing you to be a pro on the move, in your own home, or in the crowded bedroom of a friends before a night out. It reduces the chances of losing jewellery or small items and gives you a go-to space for your things.

Not only this, but the mirror can slide on and off the walls with pads included, allowing anybody of any height to enjoy using the illuminated mirror. It also has a 10x magnifying mirror to make doing eye- makeup or plucking eyebrows a walk in the park. After all- how irritating is it when you miss that one strand of hair?

Finally, the mirror has advanced itself into 2019 with a phone holder, making taking selfies an easy job- proving its important to love yourself and be proud of your colourful looks.

The Spotlite HD Mirror retails at £130.00 in the UK. Let us know how you get on with yours?

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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Just Own It

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