THE NEIGHBOURHOOD: London gig review

Many of you will know the Neighbourhood from their famous ‘Sweater Weather’ hit, that whipped up a storm in the music world during 2013. Shortly after releasing their fifth EP ‘Hard to Imagine’ followed by the full album, the dark pop gang finally announced a world tour. I had been dying to see them since it had been three years since they last came to the UK.

the neighbourhood gig review - backstage tales

However, since they were only playing in the capital cities of each country – London was the only place fans could see them in the UK. This resulted in the queue being super-duper long. But fortunately for me, I live quite near London, so it was pretty easy to get to.

The first support band Health warmed up the crowd with their electro noise and mysterious stage presence, which fitted perfectly with the Neighbourhood’s sound. It was nice to see so many people in the audience knew the words to their songs. I definitely shazamed a few of their songs and will be downloading their album.

The Neighbourhood kicked off the set with ‘How’ which is, funnily enough, the first song on their first album ‘I Love You’, making it a perfect fit to begin the show with.

The combination of songs played was amazing, a real variation of highs and lows, with the crowd favourites Daddy Issues, RIP to my Youth, Afraid, my personal beloved Scary Love. It was nice hearing a mixture of all their albums being played, as well as their less well-known EPs.

the neighbourhood gig review - backstage tales

The Californian babes also played ‘Beat Take 1’ for the first time ever which was awesome to hear. Typically the lead singer is always the star of the show, and in this instance, this definitely rang true. Frontman Jesse Rutherford was a bundle of energy on stage, with his flamboyant body movements, running up and down the stage, and doing several crowd dives, of which he impressively made it across the whole parameter of Brixton Academy. There wasn’t a still or dull moment throughout.

Let’s not forget the occasional fling from the chain that hung at the centre of the stage, where he would occasionally swing from, whilst still managing to sing flawlessly at the same time. To wrap up the show the boys played the song of the night ‘Sweater Weather’ back to where it all began.

the neighbourhood gig review - backstage tales

It’s clear to see the boys have grown a lot since 2011 and have become far more experimental with their image and sound. It’s good to see they are still making awesome music as always. Let us know if any of you guys went too, and what you thought of the gig!

the neighbourhood gig review - backstage tales

Text: Chloe Humphries

Images: Chloe Humphries, Coup de Main Magazine

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