The revolution of self-tan: We experiment

As the summer approaches not all of us are blessed with a natural tan, which makes events and party prep a lot more than relaxing on a holiday prior. We need to exfoliate, tan, dry and then wash off. Which can make the whole process of tanning a lot of effort, making finding THE go-to-reliable tan could take some time- so we took it upon ourselves to do a little research.

Model Co- One Hour Tan Mouse, £15.00

The ‘think- pink’ company have prepared a product which saves time and hassle. The tan is self-adjusting based on what shade of faux-glow you prefer. The fast-acting ingredients absorb into the skin to develop a sun-kissed look. The product launched as their fastest developing tan yet. Even after showering the light colour will continue to develop into a shade you’re happy with, lasting up to 7 days. This was definitely a favourite, but make sure to mask the ‘biscuit smell’ we all have learned to deal with, as it is still slightly present in this product.

Bronzie- Chelsea Bronzie, £64.95

Oh how far the self-tanning world has come- Bronzie have come up with a Bronzie onesie in two designs. The ‘black’ and ‘leopard’ onesies are designed to leave your white bed sheets unmarked whilst allowing you to relax as your tan develops. I would certainly welcome some help with preserving clothes and bed linen.

Vitage- Illuminating Tanning Drops, £38.00

I’m obsessed- this little glass bottle of joy holds drops to gently tan your face whilst developing a tan on your body. The mistake most of us make is to not learn how to properly tan the face. These drops have been formulated to mix with your favourite moisturiser and transform into a fake tan. It has three different types of DHA to create a natural custom-isable tan that can be built up over a period of days for the ultimate sun-kissed glow.

Tropic skincare- Sun Drops Gradual Tanning Facial Serum, £22

This Beauty Shortlist Editor’s Choice award winning serum that allows you to moisturise your skin lightly throughout summer whilst developing a healthy colour to face. The blend of ingredients includes plant and fruit extracts whilst nourishing a streak-free look.


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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Tropic Skincare, Vitage, Bronzie, Model Co,

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