Smart Thrift Shopping Hacks You Should Know

Lorde sums it up best: “I love thrift shopping. You can get ten things because everything costs, like, three dollars.” There are so many benefits to thrift shopping. Thrift shops have a ton of clothes to pick from, they’re environmentally friendly, and best of all, you can shop without breaking the bank! One of the challenges of thrift shopping is sorting through so many clothes. For first-time thrift shoppers especially, trying to find the perfect outfit in a sea of clothes can be a little overwhelming. But thrift shopping successfully and efficiently is totally doable, and here’s how.


What are you looking for?

Before you step into the store, ask yourself what you’re shopping for. Do you need work clothes for a new job? Are you looking for a cute outfit to wear on a date? Once you’ve figured that out, then determine what specific pieces of clothing you need to look for. A lot of thrift shops arrange the racks by clothing type, so there’s a rack for dresses, ones for blouses, pants, and so on. Some shops even break down their pieces by color. If you can narrow down what sections to browse through, you’ll save yourself some time. You’ll also save money and won’t have to borrow funds because you’re shopping at a thrift store! In the current economy, saving your money is so important, so why spend $200 on a dress when you can find one that’s just as cute for only $20?


Know what you don’t like

Everyone has their own sense of style, and everyone knows what doesn’t work for them. Maybe you’re not a fan of high-waisted pants, or maybe you know pastels wash you out. Any store you go into will have some pieces you pick over, and the same principle applies to thrift shops. When you’re skimming through the clothing racks, knowing what pieces you’re not interested in will be tremendously helpful. That way you can push past clothes faster to get to that one button-up or high-waisted skirt you know you can rock. Sometimes with thrift shopping, you may feel like you’re not finding anything, but don’t give up. Your own individual style is what makes you unique, and you deserve to find affordable and environmentally friendly clothes that reflect your style. Keep looking!


Have patience

Thrift shopping is like mining for diamonds and finding that one clothing piece that fits you perfectly at half of its original price is absolutely worth the looking. For anyone who’s financially conscious, thrift shopping is practically a no-brainer. Thrift shops are the best place to find reasonably priced and stylish clothing. Sometimes you have to be a little patient to find the right piece, but if you’re willing to put in the time, you will find that diamond in the rough.


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