Tim Walker’s next project unveiled

Tim Walker was recently announced as 2018’s Pirelli Calendar photographer. Pirelli is one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers that works with a different photographer each year to produce the well-known Pirelli Calendar, filled with famous women. In 2017 photographer, Peter Lindbergh, captured the women’s personality, and sensitivity rather than, more typically for a Pirelli Calendar, their bodies.

Pirelli have released their annual calendar since 1963. The exclusive publication is restricted to a gift for Pirelli customers and various celebrities. The photographer of the calendar changes yearly, as do the models. To be a model in the Pirelli calendar is looked to as a prestigious honor. Celebrities that have featured so far include; Nicole Kidman, Serena Williams, Miranda Kerr and Naomi Campbell.

Tim Walker is a British photographer, iconic for his surreal and colourful photographs. His interest in photography started decades ago when he worked with the Cecil Beaton archive at the Condé Nast library. This led Walker to study at the profound Exeter College of Art, where he graduated in 1994. After graduating Walker worked as a freelance photograph assistant before he landed the role of full time assistant to Richard Avedon in New York. He returned to London and completed his first fashion shoot for Vogue at the age of 25. From this moment, Walker has produced various shoots with the British, Italian, and American editions of Vogue. He also works with W magazine and LOVE magazine. Walker initially specialized in portrait photography, and has taken portraits of the world’s most famous people, from Alexandra McQueen to Emma Watson.

Tim Walker’s photography is iconic for its dream-like aesthetic. His subjects are surrounded by extravagant settings and theatrics. Walker has the unique gift of blurring the lines between photography and art, reality and dream. His photographs are more than what first meets the eye, they carry stories, movement and words. Tim Walker manages to show a glimpse inside an alternative reality through his photography, challenging the concrete perceptions we have towards the world.

The 45th Pirelli calendar will launch in November 2017.

Text: Isla Whiteford

Images: Agonistica, Elle, Tim Walker

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