Top tricks for applying glitter makeup

Whether you’re heading to Coachella, Boomtown or just plan on holding a dance party in your house, glitter is the must-have beauty accessory that takes the best highlighter to new heights. We all love it. Let’s talk about the best techniques on how to prepare your skin, apply glitter makeup and remove it later like a pro.

glitter makeup techniques - backstage tales

Skin preparation

The first and the main recommendation when working with glitter is make sure you wash your skin before the application, it must be clean. If you want to remove the sparkles with a brush later, it won’t work, and a cotton swab will only rub them into makeup. An eyebrow brush can help, but only if you gently and very patiently brush it off your face.

glitter makeup techniques - backstage tales

How to apply glitter

To make sure glitter stays on your eyes or lips for longer it needs to be fixed before and preferably after the makeup. You can use various products as a base – special primers, liquid matte lipsticks and any cream shadows.

You can use cream; it will be especially convenient for the eyes area. Glitter should not be applied on the unprepared eyelids since, for the most part, they have a dry texture you will feel uncomfortable. Don’t rub in the sparkles, otherwise, they may mix with the pigmented base, for example, with eye shadow.

“Apply glitter with a flat synthetic brush with light movements. For smaller glitter pieces you can use a fixing spray for makeup. It needs to be sprayed before and after applying cosmetics,” warns Anna Shimkova, leading makeup artist at Lancôme Russia.

Almost all beauty brands have a special base for glitter makeup. It looks like glue. Gently apply it to a clear eyelid with your fingers or mix it with the eye shadow. I like the base for NYX glitter, for example.

I would also recommend to take a little bit of glitter and add it to a liquid highlighter or foundation. Choose shining silver or gold sparkles, don’t mix it with green, red or blue glitter as the colour may travel across your skin.

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glitter makeup techniques - backstage tales

How to remove glitter

One of the favourite life hacks of all makeup artists is sellotape. You can take an ordinary stationery tape and stick it directly on the face— it will collect all loose particles. If you don’t have sellotape, you can put some concealer on a cotton bud and remove all unnecessary items with a twisting motion to clean up the makeup.

The main secret is water. No bases and special sticky substances are needed. Just dip the brush in water, it will become wet and the sparkles will easily stick to it. Tested by me personally, hey!

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Loreal Paris - glitter makeup techniques - backstage tales

Do you love glitter makeup as much as I do? Would you be trying some of these techniques?

Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Allure, Vogue UK

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