Try this new skincare trend without buying a thing

Trying to be a minimalist but being a natural skincare hoarder can be difficult when making decisions about new purchases. The most popular craze at the moment is all about beauty product dieting, K-beauty.

Think about what you need, what your skin needs and how you can cut back on so many products. This could mean waving goodbye to your expensive 10-step skincare routine.

The skin-care diet is all about minimising irritation from ingredient overhaul. The routine is limited to cleanser, moisturiser and a strong SPF of which should all be free of any harsh chemicals.

“People have been piling on so many different products that they’ve developed redness, sensitivity, and even worse — contact dermatitis,” says Liah Yoo, the New York City-based YouTube star and founder of Korean skin-care brand KraveBeauty, also the stateside face of the Skin-Care Diet.

The fact so many of us have sensitive skin is not really any wonder, we build up so many artificial fragrances and ingredients into our pores and skin cells. An example includes smothering on too many antioxidant and Vitamin C based ingredients, a cocktail formulated for red, irritated skin. The irony of cleansing your skins oils with only a cleanser is key to letting your body care for itself.

Another example, includes ripping charcoal facemasks off your face takes layers of skin off, not just blackheads. We then wonder why our skin is irritated, dry and red. It’s important to be kind to your skin, not impatient. It is an amazing healer and your natural oils will replenish any lost hydration with the help of a key, single moisturiser.

I think we could all do with saving ourselves a pretty penny by cutting down on our 10-step-skincare routine. Who’s with me?

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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Anastasiia Ostapovych, Ika Dam

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