Up and coming mens haircare 2019

Mens haircare trends come and go just as much as women’s, and now there is a push for unisex hair products. Whether you’re a guy with long locks or you sport a buzz cut, fade or braids there’s something for everyone on the shelves. Keeping your hair well-groomed is not only something a lot of people look for when searching for a partner but makes us feel confident and allows us to express ourselves.

The pressure to find the right product can be a little overwhelming when there are so many fighting for the limelight. Having a minimalist bathroom can now be regarded as a distant memory. We tried and tested a few products in the team and asked members of the public what they thought.

Fudge Urban Boyfriend Steals Duo 

The combo includes Matte Wax which comes in a tin box perfect for trialling and a Matte Head Master. The Matte Wax is perfect for hair care and has been summarised with ‘I love how quick and easy it makes styling my hair, it smells good and it doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy’. It also is perfect for styling brows with a toothbrush or brow styling brush, it keeps hair in place all day.

The Matte Head Master also adds grit and texture to already styled hair, it thickens hair and acts as a sea salt spray/dry shampoo as well as hair spray.

House 99’s Change It Up Texturising Clay

Ideal for shorter hair styles this dry volumising paste is a powder that creates texturises it and holds style. Adding definition to your hair helps it to appear thicker and promotes a better frame for your face. Enabling control over your hair means that the hairstyle you want can change from day to day and can even be workable in longer hair also.

Swagger & Jacks Sea Salt Texturising Spray 

Serving surfer looks, this spray immediately adds a rugged look to your longer locks and appears perfectly effortless. It also makes it look as if you’ve actually been out in the waves despite being on your morning commute to work at 8am. It absorbs natural oils and prevents your hair creating excess oil, making hair appear matte. jUST Scrunch hair and spray.

Fatboy Boss Dog Styling Cream 

A styling cream? This was something we had to try. If you want a cleaner look, this is perfect for you. Formulated to keep hair feather-light and flowing this cream is much better than just a quick shampoo. Following a wash, this cream adds an element of controlled style whilst freely flowing, locking in moisture and natural oils. It acts as an ideal way to tame stray hairs or baby hairs without having to reach for a heavy wax.


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Text: Ellie Botti

Images: Amazon, GQ, Fatboy Boss Dog, Boots, Ghetto Philosopher


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