Valentino and L’Oréal Announce Launch For New Collection

Fashion brands expanding into beauty is pretty much expected now, but this does not mean we can contain our excitement when a new launch is revealed. It was announced on Monday 28th May that L’Oreal and Valentino are joining forces to launch a beauty brand. The aim of this new collaboration is to bring the creative vision of Valentino to an even wider audience, using L’Oréal’s expertise in the beauty industry.

The joint press release stated the following: ‘L’Oréal and Valentino announce the signature of a worldwide long-term licence agreement for the creation, development and distribution of fine fragrances and luxury beauty under the Valentino brand.’ It also stated that the agreement will only be effective as of 1 January 2019 after customary regulations get approved. But, we can guess that product production wheels have already begun to spin.

It is evident that the collaboration between the two is to put both brands’ creative vision together to deliver something new and luxurious to the world in the form of beauty. And who better than L’Oréal and Valentino?

Both brands are overjoyed to partner up with one another to create something iconic. CEO of Valentino, Stefano Sassi said the following: ‘We are very excited to start this new venture together with L’Oréal to further develop our beauty business. We believe Valentino has great potential within the category, and that with L’Oréal’s unparalleled expertise in the sector, we will be able to realise that potential.’

Deputy CEO of L’Oréal, Nicolas Hieronimus also displayed his enthusiasm by saying, ‘We are thrilled to have been granted the licence of Maison Valentino. With its unique combination of prestige and modernity, Valentino definitely will appeal to Millennial consumers around the globe and ideally complements our brand portfolio’. And the reason that L’Oréal is keen to partner with Valentino is even clearer, as the press release reads: “Valentino today embodies the image of beauty, of the extraordinary and of modernity, and as such, provides a strong inspiration for fragrance and beauty creation.”

Are you as excited as we are for this launch?

Text: Ella Buxton

Images: Pop Sugar, South China Morning Post, L’Oréal Finance, Financial Times

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