The first viral challenge of 2019: welcome, #adelechallenge!

At the end of 2018 famous British singer Adele announced that she is leaving the stage and will not do any more live concerts. The reason is simple – Adele admitted that the live shows just don’t bring her any joy anymore and she wants to commit herself fully to raising her 6-year-old son. This news shocked her fans and turned into a sad, but still epic, challenge.

adele challenge - backstage tales

As Tik Tok fills the void Vine’s death left behind, users are coming up with fresher, funnier sketches instead of sticking to cheesy lip syncs. Almost right after the announcement, a video appeared on TikTok where a Haribo bear is on a stage singing the song ‘Someone Like You’ with Adele’s voice. Then, the camera moves and you can see 200 more singing bears. The video got more than 1.4 million likes and was called the first challenge for 2019 with the hashtag #haribochallenge. Thousands of users loved the video and decided to recreate it.

adele challenge - gummy bears haribo - backstage tales

The original video has inspired other versions of it where users cover their entire kitchen floors and even countertops with gummies. Later it also inspired various spin-offs in which people were filming using paper cranes, sneakers, sushi, chicken McNuggets, stuffed animals, Manolo Blahnik shoes and many other things. The name of the challenge was later changed to #adelechallenge in honour of the British singer.

Cast your worries aside, Internet, because Adele’s soulful pipes are here to add a bit of sunshine to 2019. If you haven’t yet caught wind of the #AdeleChallenge, get ready to become semi-obsessed with the year’s most wholesomely pure meme. Sorry #BirdBoxChallenge, but you won’t be missed…

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Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: TikTok, Mashable

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