Vogue to feature real women in November Issue

We are all used to gawking at our favourite models featured across the pages of Vogue. Seeing Cara, Kate, Giselle or Naomi showcasing the latest collections in some far off paradise is not an unknown concept to us at all. We see them dressed in finery and we want to be them. For the first time in the history of British Vogue real women will feature across editorials in the latest issue.


The November issue of British Vogue will be a ‘model free zone’. Instead we will get to see and come to know the stories of influential career women from across the country. The women who feature in the editorials will include Hello Love Studio creative director and Hello Beauty founder Jane Hutchison, La Grotta Ices Founder Kitty Travers, architectural historian Shumi Bose as well as a group of women who are currently working on the cross-rail project in London.



Editor of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman is 100% behind the project stating that ‘she wanted to find an outlet for professional women who have an interest in fashion without it being deemed frivolous by others’. Shulman who has been editor of the Condé Nast publication since 1992 is renowned for being one of the first Vogue editors to support and promote body confidence. Writing in 2009 Shulman said:

“I was frustrated by a few designer’s PRs choosing only to lend their clothes if they approved of the appearance of the subject to be photographed rather than what they did”.


Although, by not having a real woman on the front page, but instead actress Emily Blunt, what does this say about this issue? Shulman defended her choice by stating that “Emily plays a real woman in her upcoming film ‘The Girl on the Train’. With Blunt making a joke saying “it took me three hours in hair and makeup to look this real!”.


What do you think about the fashion gurus at Vogue allowing real women onto the pages?

Text: Alice Jepheart

Images: The Guardian, Vogue, Yellowboy, Career Girl

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