Want something new to wear?

Ever sat in front of your closet in underwear with nothing to wear? It’s over!



A new fashion app was launched last week, and now you can rent clothes and give them back! The fashion discovery platform Le Tote allows you unlimited access to new garments for your wardrobe for only £32 a month. It will turn into your new closet: use it for styling tips, inspiration and – new outfits sent to your wardrobe! The problem with a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear will disappear.

“I saw my girlfriend constantly buying a stream of clothing that she would wear once, and then it would forever disappear into the abyss at the back of her closet”

– Brett Northart (CEO & Founder)


Media describes the app as the “Netflix for women’s fashion”, and it is – view garments through the app, try them on – and if you don’t like it, send it back and get a new outfit delivered. You have the opportunity to keep the clothes as long as you want and then return them, and if you really fell in love with one of the pretty pieces – purchase it for 20 – 50% off! Le Tote gives you access to trends and news 24/7, and keep you up to date with your most loved fashion icons and inspirations.


While you rate items and browse through new collections, your profile is personalised – the parcel delivered to your door will be exclusively chosen for your style and ratings. Who wouldn’t want someone to tell you what to wear based on your ‘likes’?

Our ultimate goal is to have customers continue their subscription so our algorithms can better learn their fit, style and likes so that they can keen renting items that they love.”

– Brett Northart


Tired of swiping through Tinder looking for the perfect match? Start swiping through clothes instead, it is so much easier to fin the perfect dress, and evolve a long-lasting relationship – Brett Northart, created a ‘Tinder’ function for his subscribers, where you can swipe through clothes looking for the perfect outfit, and personalise your style.


Stop wasting money on clothes you never use, and give your digital wardrobe a go! You might just love it.

Photographs:: LeTote

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