How often do you wash your bra?

Although my office is 50/50 male and female, for some reason, at one point an interesting question arose: how often do you wash your bra? No shame, just curiosity. I decided to dive deeper and find some scientific answers. Scientists discuss these topics too, right? I’m sure.

how often do you wash your bra

Bras tend to be one of those items you forget about on laundry day next to pillowcases and jeans. And what’s the harm, right? No one else will know. But just because you can get away with wearing dirty bras, doesn’t mean you should. Not only is it kind of gross, but your bras also deserve to be treated with the utmost care — especially if you paid up for quality. Here’s how long you can wear a bra before washing it. Here is what science says about it.

While it depends on your lifestyle, a general guide is that you should wash your bra after two or three wears. An eBay lingerie expert commented:

“Depending on a woman’s personal hygiene and lifestyle, a standard bra may be worn a couple of times before it needs to be washed”.

“Some women who sweat more may wish to wash their bras more often but for everyday wear, washing after every wear isn’t necessary. In fact, over-washing can have a negative effect as it can damage the elastic in your bras”.

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girl wearing a bra

But how should you wash your bra?

Hand wash bras if possible and always use cool water which helps the bra maintain its shape. If you can’t avoid using the washing machine, always use the gentle setting and hook the clasps to stop damaging other items. Experts also suggest that you should give your bra a rest day in between wearing it to give the elastic a chance to regain it shape.

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bras and bikinis - wash your bra

So, what about you? Be honest, how often do you wash your bra? Join the debate in the comment section below.

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