Do we need to use waterproof makeup in the summer?

We discuss whether it is necessary to run to your nearest cosmetics store for waterproof makeup when it’s hot outside.

Eye make up

The first thing that lets us down in hot weather is eye make up. Mascara can leave marks on both eyelids, eyeliner and pencils can smudge. In such cases, the best option would be to use waterproof mascara, pencils and eyeliner. However, it is only possible to wash off such products with two-phase oily makeup removers.

“Waterproof mascara dries on the eyelashes instantly, but it’s very difficult to remove the makeup from the eyes after. Therefore, for those of us with sensitive skin, it’s better to abandon such products not to increase the risk of traumatisation”

– says Juliana Ershova, make-up artist for the Keep Looking salon.

Instead of a waterproof mascara, try using the ‘thermo’ ones – the difference here is that it could be easily removed with hot water the temperature of which should be above 38 degrees Celsius.

As for the shadows, it is better to switch to creamy ones in hot weather. They are well pigmented, do not roll up in the folds of the eyelids and are easily blended.

“It is important to pay attention to stable pencils-sticks with a soft creamy texture, which can be used both as an eyeliner or as an eyeshadow. They are well suited for those with oily skin”,

– says Anna Shimkova, leading make-up artist for Lancôme Russia.



Even when using a strong lip pencil, dense and pigmented lipstick can smudge. The best summer options will be balms and matte lipsticks, which are better to soak with a napkin to remove excess. If you want to go for a bright colour, it is better to add it to the centre of the lips creating an ombre effect. If matt effect and stamina are important for you, stick to lip balms in the summertime. They moisturise, look quite bright and contain strong pigments.


In the strong summer heat skin tends to produce more sebum and, therefore, to shine more brightly. It is not the best option to apply waterproof foundation because it is quite dense, and the skin will simply stop breathing. It is better to give preference to multifunctional means like tinting sunscreen or a scratch-proof foundation with SPF. Waterproof cosmetics are most often made without the addition of any oily substances, so in the hot season the skin will not be sufficiently moisturized.

The ideal option for the summer will be lightweight textures such as BB- and CC-creams. A mandatory rule is to apply a moisturizer before putting on make up. It is important to wait 5-10 minutes after applying and only then use a primer. In the summer the primer is a necessary thing – it keeps sebum secretion and helps to keep the smooth tone for longer.

Another option for oily skin is to use primer and loose powdered mineral powder on top. During the day it will be best to moisten the skin with vitamin sprays.


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Text: Irina Gorskaia

Images: Allure, Nivea

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