6 wedding dress trends to look out for

The bridal world is dynamic and constantly evolving. From bringing back styles from the 70s, 80, and early 90s, to creating new and sophisticated styles, it’s almost impossible to pick a wedding dress. Nine out of ten girls want a fairytale wedding where they get to dress up in a ball gown and wear a tiara. That’s a bit drab now considering these new wedding dress trends on the block. Whether you choose to buy a bridal dress online or you want to get a custom-made dress, there is something for everyone.

Six wedding dress trends to look out for - pronovias wedding dress lace


A classic but always a winner. There is nothing more feminine and romantic like a lace dress but there are also ways to make it more modern. Consider getting tiers of lace, cut-outs or fringe and watch your dress transform in an instant. The combination of lace and sheer is also a dream.


A complete opposite of the strapless dresses and a perfect way to bring the 80s and early 90s back. Sheer bubble sleeves with flower appliqués and a plain bodice work for the bride who wants to keep things simple and dramatic at the same time. Bubble sleeves also go well with straight cut dresses and high slits but remember to give the sleeves enough room to shine without distractions.


Gone are the days when corsets were only to be worn underneath dresses. For an edgy, sexy and sophisticated look, this is worth trying. Perfect with a long train or unending layers of tulle as the volume on the lower part of the dress complements the corset bodice.


Boho wedding dresses have been around since time immemorial and it looks like they are here to stay. These are the dresses you should go for if you are looking to have a laid-back ceremony. The intricate designs they come in are second to none and right for every season.

EDERNE wedding dress in lace with V-neck and evasé silhouette

EDERNE wedding dress in lace with V-neck and evasé silhouette


Pants, jumpsuits and tuxedo dresses are quickly gaining acceptance into the world of bridal dresses which is amazing to see. What’s not to love about a perfect mix of edgy and dreamy? The non-conformist bride can easily pull this off with the right hair and accessories.


Yes, you read right, something black! This is a clear deviation from “something blue” which is associated with weddings but the bridal world is embracing other colours that are not white or ivory. Incorporate black by having either a black belt, black statement bow, black tulle sleeves, black feathery sleeves, black flower appliqués or black fringes. You might get carried away with the beauty an opt for an all-black dress, that works too.

ONYX_Sleeveless wedding dress with mermaid cut in lace tulle

ONYX sleeveless wedding dress with mermaid cut in lace tulle

For every marriage, there are two important yeses. One to the proposal, and one to the dress. Now that you are armed with all these details of the latest trends, picking a dress should not be too much of a hassle anymore. See you at the ceremony!

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