Weird and Wonderful Beauty Trends of 2017


2017 is coming to a quick end but not before a reflection of this year’s most weird, but wonderful, beauty trends. From lollipop lips to unicorn hair all the way to the bizarre nose hair extensions, 2017 has been a memorable year in the world of beauty – here are the top five unforgettable trends.

nose hair

Nose hair extensions

Earning its rightful place as probably the most bizarre trend of 2017, is the rather unusual nose hair extensions. It started with a post from an Instagram user named @Gret_Chen_Chen who shared an image of herself wearing fake eyelashes coming out of her nose, calling them nose hair extensions. Despite this being a joke post, playing around with nose hair seemed to have caught the imagination of some people online; who uploaded photos of various different lashes coming from their nose. Given the time of year that nose hair extensions became a ‘thing’, they surprisingly worked as a good, low-maintenance look for Halloween. As a beauty blogger pointed out, using eyelash extensions in your nose makes it seem like you have spiders crawling out of your face. That said, this trend was rather spooky and it is safe to say glue intended for eyelashes is not as safe for nostrils.


Lollipop lips

Earlier this year MAC Cosmetics were given a spotlight to a new look appearing on models on their fashion runways. It’s an experimental makeup trend the company is calling “lollipop lips”. The intentional lipstick smudging on the outside of the lips is supposed to simulate the effect of sucking on a lollipop however this trend has been regarded as a ‘bad makeup application’ or ‘just a really bad rash’. Despite the criticisms of this new approach to lipstick, the purpose was to bring merely an edgy look to fashion shows. That said, edge may have been taken a little bit too far for the likes of makeup addicts.


Unicorn hair

Unicorn mania has hit the world this year and one of the most wonderful elements that have taken over the beauty world is the likes of pastel hair. Unicorn lovers have taken inspiration from My Little Pony in order to achieve the right mix of colours. Since the craze has hit its peak this year, thousands of Instagrammers have shared snaps of their colourful locks. The concept of Unicorn hair is beginning to change. It can now be considered as colourful Ombre therefore this spectacular trend is working its way into the everyday market!

Wiggly eyebrow

Wiggly brows appeared to be the most experimental feature in the beauty world this year. The look, which was first posted in its true form by makeup artist Jessica Brodersen, features a thick brow with a wavy, wiggly tail, which is more the effect of a brow pencil than it is the shaping of eyebrow hair. Other makeup artists experimented with different colours, strength of wiggle and size in order to portray the trend to its true extent. However this made it appear as something beauty lovers experimented for fun rather than to set a trend. This idea was broadcasted right in time for Halloween so it made a quirky finish to any funky costume.


Christmas tree brows

Christmas tree eye brows are December’s beauty trend to follow. For the truly festive individuals who believe that a novelty Christmas jumper is just not enough, Vlogger- Taylor created this look by feathering out the hairs and adding gems. Red lipstick, sparkly eyeshadow and gold eyeliner are true holiday staples, but this year dozens of make-up artists and beauty addicts are channelling their inner eyebrow game to create a different approach to the festive season. Eyebrow tutorials feature gems, sequins and glitter that represent ornaments hanging from a Christmas tree. Further sparkle is used to act as tinsel, and tiny decorative stars make for festive brow toppers. This is a crazy beauty trend which is perhaps more suited for Instagram photography or a holiday party. But, it ends the year with a truly quirky and festive trend.

Are there any more weird but wonderful trends that should be on this list?


Text: Ella Buxton

Images: Youtube,, AMR Hair and Beauty, Metro, AFP Relaxnews


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