What Palette Suits My Eye Colour?

With the plethora of beauty items on the market it’s almost impossible to choose what items to purchase. And what happens if you invest in a product that looks great on somebody else but then you realise it doesn’t quite work for you? We’ve decided to make the task slightly easier by picking out the products that suit you best. So sit back and browse our selection of the best eyeshadow for different eye colours.

Blue eyes

There’s a number of shades that can be selected to make blue eyes ‘POP’. Firstly, being perfectly positioned on the opposite, side of the colour wheel to blue, orange, gold, bronze and brown shades are a great option. Choosing warm shades contrasts with a cool blue eye, making the iris stand out more. If you’re looking for a particular shade then try out Terracotta or copper. Creating a smoky eye with bronze shades rather than black is also a great alternative to the traditional black smoky eye which can be slightly overpowering. Alternatives to warm brown shades can also be warm berry shades such as cranberry.

If you feel bronzes and browns are slightly ‘safe’ then purples may be more for you. Whilst it’s always nice to stray away from every day and mix things up with jewel tones emerald or blue aren’t the best for blue eyes. Purples, on the other hand can make a blue eye appear more intense and are again a great substitute for the classic black smokey eye. If you’re going to opt for a smoky purple look though, it’s important to select the right shade of purple. Steer clear from lilacs and pastels and choose darker shades instead.

Other tips and tricks for making blue eyes stand out include using a beige pencil to line the inside rims of the eye. This is a much better option than white which can look harsh. Slate grey eyeliner is also a great option to use instead of black.
Whilst it’s probably not wise to use a blue shadow turquoise liners and navy mascara can work well for blue eyes.

2019 Celeb inspo

If you’re still unsure of what shades to pick to flatter your eyes then take a look at some of this years red carpet looks.
For this year’s Oscar’s makeup artist Stephen Solitto carted a smoky metallic eye look for Amy Adams using Charlotte Tilbury’s luxury palette in ‘Dolce Vitta’ and ‘Golden Goddess.’   
The actress also chose coppery tones at the 2019 BAFTA awards.

At the Golden Globes Rachel Brosnahan’s make-up artist Lisa Aharon opted for bronzes and golds.

From left to right: Amy Adams rocking a smokey metallic eye at the Oscars, a copper eyeshadow at the BAFTAS, and Rachel Brosnhan’s bronze and gold look at the Golden Globes.

Amy Adams Oscar makeup look was created by make- up artist Stephen Solitto using the ‘Dolce Vitta’ and ‘Golden Goddess’ Luxury palettes by Charlotte Tilbury. The palettes cost £39.00 each.

Charlotte Tilbury how to do a gold Smokey eye.

Pick of the palettes

Ready to try some of these looks out for yourself? Here’s our pick of the palettes (all costing 25 pounds and under):

The ‘I Heart Revolution Violet Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette’ has 18 shades including purples, burgundy and browns. At only £8.99 perhaps this is the palette to pick if you want to try out all the different looks mentioned above and decide which one works for you. If you’ve decided that copper, browns and golds are the route for you The Morphe ‘25A Copper spice eyeshadow palette’ priced at £19 has a great mix of shades. The Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions palette, priced at £25 has a killer combination of metallic, berry’s and browns.

From left to right: ‘The I heart Revolution Violet chocolate eyeshadow palette’ priced at £8.99, the Morphe ‘25A Copper Spice eyeshadow palette’ priced at £19 and the Huda Mauve Obsessions palette priced at £25.

Brown eyes

It appears that browns, golds and warm metalics are great all –rounder’s with the shades working for brown, as well as blue eyes.

According to make-up artist Emily Kate Warren, warm gold metallic’s also perfect for complimenting brown eyes. Warren also suggests using a copper shade in partnership with a neutral shadow shade to create a perfect look for brown eyes. Rose gold shades and browns are also great choices for those with brown eyes.

However, it’s also time to introduce some new shades to the party (move over glittery golds and warm browns). If you’re fed up with the gold and brown shades being the centre of attention then these choices may be right up your street.  The spotlight is now on green and blue shades…

Whilst jewel tones such as emerald green and cobalt blue don’t work for blue eyes they are great for contrasting with brown eyes. Emerald green also works really well on olive skin tones. If you can’t bear to part with the gold then greenish gold shades are a perfect option. Teal also works well if the brightness of emerald is enough to make you tremble with fear.
Brown eyes can also give silver a chance to steal some of the limelight from gold shades, with light versions of the metallic being ideal in the corners of the eye and more pigmented silvers creating a more dramatic look.

From left to right: Tessa Thompson’s gold and bronze look at the Oscars, Laura Harriers blue shadow, Letitia Wright’s green shadow at BAFTA’S and Camilla’s striking look at the Golden Globes.

2019 Celeb inspo

There was plenty of celeb inspo during this year’s award season. At the Oscars Tessa Thompson sported a gold and bronze smokey eye by makeup artist Alex Babsky whilst Laura Harrier chose a blue shadow, at the ceremony, to match the shade of her Louis Vuitton dress. Letitia Wright rocked some smokey green eyeshadow at the BAFTA awards.

At the Golden Globes awards earlier this year everyone was talking about Camilla Bell’s striking green eyeshadow look, created by make-up artist Hung Vanngo. Vanngo used one of the colours in the’ He created a wing shape with the green shade in the Splendeur et Audace’ version of ‘Chanel Les 4 ombres palette’ and added metallic green in the inner corners of the eye.

The Chanel Les 4 ombres palette’ in Splendeur et Audace’ used to create Camilla Bell’s eyeshadow look at the Golden Globes priced at 62 dollars.

Pick of the palettes

If the Chanel option is a little too pricey for you check out some other more purse friendly options. Priced at £25.00 you could easily recreate Letitia or Camilla’s look using the Huda obsessions eyeshadow palette in Emerald. The Morphe X  Jaclyn Hill Dark Magic Eye Shadow Palette priced at £15 also has some great greens  as well as some shimmery metallic and more natural shades.
The Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Eye Shadow Palette, priced at £9.99 is probably most value for money due to its range of shades from blue to gold.

From left to right: The Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Eyeshadow palette, The Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Dark magic Eye Shadow Palette and the Huda Obsessions palette in Emerald.

Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Palette Tutorial! \\ Chloe Morello.

Green eyes

Literally, gold and browns are proving to be the show offs of the eyeshadow shades. Once again, they have proven their versatility by being a great pick for those with green eyes. Golden shades are particularly ideal as they compliment the golden flecks in green eyes. Make-up artist Renee Garnes suggests Antique gold and a metallic sage shade is suggested by Erica Whelan. If you’re opting for brown then Erica Whelan’s top choice is a taupe rather than ashy brown.

The classic liquid black eyeliner works well for those with green eyes but if you’re after a more subtle look then you bronze, brown or slate grey eyeliner are great alternatives. Make-up artist Hung Vanngo also believes grey is a good eyeshadow choice for those with green eyes and suggest going for a matte shade rather than a shimmery silver to create a smoky look.

2019 Celeb inspo

Emma Stones makeup artist Rachel Goodwin used a sparkly brown eyeliner for her Oscars 2019 look.

Pick of the palettes

If you’re feeling brave and wasn’t to try out the purple look then it may be worth investing in Huda Beauty’s Amethyst Obsessions Palette for £25.00. If you want to go for an understated slate grey how about the ‘Collection Eyes uncovered Eye Shadow Palette in Smokey Grey’ priced at just £3.99. Or how about the Zoeva En Taupe palette priced at £18.00?

From left to right: The Collection ‘Eyes uncovered Eye Shadow Palette’ in Smokey Grey, the Zoeva ‘En Taupe’ palette and the Huda Beauty ‘Amyesthyst Obsessions palette’.

 Purple Smokey eye – Jefree Star

So what do you think? Are gold and browns overrated or are they the perfect shades for any eye colour? Will you go daring and try a jewel shade such as green or purple? Which celeb look is your fave?

Text: Chaz Pond

Images:  Jon Kopaloff, Andrew H. Walker, Jon Kopaloff, Superdrug, Morphe, Cult Beauty, Hung Vanngo, Selfridges, Chanel, Steve Grantiz, Feel Unique


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