Who are the Hollywood stylists and what do they do?

Journalist Sinai Rose went to Los Angeles to find out who decides what Hollywood celebrities would wear on the red carpet. What does the work of Hollywood stylists include?


Your bedroom may be full of “Oscars” and “Golden Globes”, but it will not save you from poisonous ridicule if you are spotted on the red carpet wearing the “wrong” dress. The world is watching your every move, it is cruel, and you will have to deal with this. And maybe hire a stylist to reduce the number of failures to zero.

Hollywood stylists – are special people, not just those who dress up celebrities, but true personal psychologists. They do not just pick a beautiful dress and shoes, but also think through the external image of the ward. Their work is to know each collection and each trend by heart, as well as understand which piece of clothing would suit the figure and the inner world of their customers. The Buro 24/7 reporter went through several Hollywood stylist’s studios in Los Angeles to find out from them a couple of trade secrets.


Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson, Rachel Zoe studio

Rachel Zoe – is the most famous in the world celebrity stylist with 1.2 million subscribers in Instagram, own television program, clothing lines and countless orders to shoot advertising campaigns. At some point, Zoe has almost no time left for what actually made her so famous – celebrities styling. This mission is entrusted to two of her assistants – Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson – now they are officially the head of her studio.

Stylist Rachel Zoe ORG XMIT: 0908181318364452

Stylist Rachel Zoe

About the clients

“Customers are very different. Some are very involved in the fashion industry, regularly attend shows or watch them and immediately send us pictures of things that they liked. Others just come to our studio and fully trust the professionals. However, all of them have their own expectations. Someone wants to make a splash on the red carpet, and someone do not want to stand out from the crowd much”.


About the rules

“There is no special set of rules under which the actresses or actors need to prepare for the release. But there are few things worth remembering. For example, you should always have a spare outfit – a plan B. The shoes should be such that it was possible to walk and stand in them for a long time. It is hard to disagree that even the most beautiful dress in the world can lose its luster if its owner is awkwardly hobbling”.


About the trends on the red carpet

“Recently red carpet has a more or less a relaxed mood. Celebrities tend bring out their individuality and make less emphasis on hair and makeup, which refreshes the appearance and makes it less serious. Fashion here does not change as often as on the catwalk – there is less space for risk-taking and theatricality. The experiments are mainly carried out during the less significant events – not award ceremonies like the “Oscar”, but maybe movie premieres”.


About the list of “worst dressed celebrities”

“What to do if you are in such a list? Ignore it and move on. This happens to everyone – absolutely everyone. There is no such a stylist in this business that have never made a mistake. There is also a huge number of factors of which the general public does not even know: broken zippers, poor fit, relatives who give advice, weight fluctuations… the list goes on and on – to please everyone is impossible. In this work you need to have nerves of steel”.


About the fate of dresses

“Most of the dresses are samples that are returned at the end of the ceremonies to the designers. In some cases (for example, after the “Oscar”) fashion house give dresses to customers as gifts, especially if they were sewn specially for their figure. But couture pieces, of course, are sent back to where they came from!”


About the business

“Sales of the designer whose clothes appear on the red carpet certainly increase – that’s a fact. There are cases when representatives of the brands call us and ask to quickly arrange the return of the dress even when the actress have not even left the carpet. At this point they may have probably been bombarded with phone calls from overseas clients who saw these outfits in Instagram and wish to buy them immediately. Social networks only reinforce this phenomenon”.


About the backstage secrets

“Preparation for the “Oscar’s” it is not always a beautiful and pathetic process and it does not necessarily occur in rented luxury suites. Several years ago we arranged a fitting with Tom Ford for one Hollywood celebrity. All this happened in our old office: half residential, half the workspace. Storage space there was very little. For this reason all the trunks and boxes have been placed in the soul behind the curtain but the client as well as Mr. Ford were dressed up right there – right in the bathroom. At some point this whole shaky structure of clothes and accessories swinged and collapsed on us all with a bang. That was not-glamorous at all”.



Photographs: Buro 24/7

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