Why Duck & Dry Xpress could be your hair saviour

With the next few months filled with summer parties, festivals and after work get-together’s, trying to plan our hair wash days with our calendar can sometimes prove difficult – especially if you’re going straight from work. That’s when we tend to book appointments in every hairdresser, nail bar and beauty salon available. But, how about if I told you there’s a place you can get your hair and nails done all in your lunchtime?

Introducing the popular express service, partnered with Primark; Duck & Dry Xpress.

Duck & Dry Xpress has recently launched budget-friendly blow-outs, quick mani’s and pedi’s as well as lashes and brow treatments in two of Primark’s stores. With their blow-out service not including any type of washing (full washing is included in the Birmingham store) or rather the painful time needed dry hair, I was excited and intrigued to give their services a go.

A blow-dry used to be one of those luxury splurges you saved for the day of your holiday or the morning of a wedding but with an 18-minute service from Duck & Dry Xpress, gone are the days of spending your whole Saturday in the salon. Instead it has been replaced with a quick lunchtime treat. With an hour to spare, I pop into Oxford Street’s Primark for Duck & Dry’s blow out dry style. Despite the new service is having me sat in the middle of one of the busiest clothes stores on the street, I still felt glamorous in front of the up-lit mirror, screaming backstage luxury.

At Duck & Dry Xpress, a blow-dry costs just £17 that uses an uplift boost of dry shampoo, a blow-dry and a curl shortly followed by a quick spray to set everything in place. If you’re heading to a festival or summer party, they also offer a dry braid, £13, with the option of adding feathers and glitter for an extra £5 throughout summer.

But that’s not all they offer, they have also launched Duck & Pluck Xpress for their lash and brows treatments and Duck & File Xpress that offer manicures and pedicures with polish or gel – even for the shortest nails, guilty! Whether it’s an impulse treat of a lunchtime or a planned treatment to get you ready for your summer venture, you can expect a quick service, without compromising on quality – and it was no different for my gel finish nails, regardless of the length.

Hopefully, Duck & Dry Xpress will roll out nationwide, ending the constant battle of matching up your hair wash days with your social calendar.


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Text: Laura Ward

Images: Laura Ward

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