Ying Sheng Education: The Future of Urban Fashion

Ying Sheng Education set the bar high after their several previous showcases at NYFW, making attendees of London Fashion Week eagily await their presence at Fashion Scout this SS20 season. As a training provider, YSE focuses on new thinking and nurturing graduates to break fashion outside of China, and the graduates from YSE presented a vast amount of diverse designs, truly demonstrating the boundless fashion talent China has to offer.

For SS20, YSE showcased 13 graduate collections during September Fashion Week. The budding designers from the world-famous art college combined foreign influence and London streetstyle to create a breadth of eclectic looks. For the previous eight years, YSE have showcased their designs at New York Fashion Week – but this year it won a coveted spot at Fashion Scout, London.

The designers pulled together form, monochrome and futuristic themes, using industrial elements to add an urban twist to the collections, pushing the fashion week boundaries of expression. The use of street style and abstract art was used to channel a modern energy across the catwalk.

Some walked bare foot, contrasting the forward-thinking designs with an authentic transparency. The idea of contrasting features was also evident in the use of material, as the designers embraced new shapes to form, giving an illusion of ‘ready to wear’ that has never been seen before.

Impressing a-listers on front row, the designers played with bold colourful makeup and neat slick hair, complimenting the metallic, black and white and holographic designs. As the audience’s heads turned for the next model to walk out it was obvious these graduates had left a strong impression. As the photographers snapped away, we sat and watched the future of urban fashion.

What was your favourite look for the YSE show?

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TEXT: Ellie Botti

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