Zl by Zlism AW19: Eye-catching unisex streetwear

ZL by Zlism, a contemporary brand, specialising in fashioning unisex streetwear, offered up a memorable presentation of their Autumn/Winter 2019 collection at Fashion Scout. Founder and Hong Kong illustrator, Zoie Lam, is recognised for her quirky concepts and exploration into new ways to create original art. This creative journey led her to the birth of the Zlism universe in 2014.

Zl by Zlism AW19 - London Fashion Week - Backstage Tales

With the view of making something truly inspiring, Zoie took her 2D illustrations and set on her journey to bring them to life through clothing. Injecting elements of her culture and unique paintings with high quality couture details in every garment.

Names ‘Who Am I?’, the AW19 presentation contained an edgy mix of not your regular urban wear fusing monochromatic illustrations on jackets and jogging bottoms with fun pops of neon greens and orange in the form of cross body harnessed and hoodies. The stark contrast created a striking finish, only to be enhanced by the fluorescent reflective fabrics which can be seen in the dark, generating an eerie alien vibe. Some designs incorporated transparent materials, bringing forward the idea of a window into our inner selves.

Check print was heavily featured in her designs, with the motif if ‘sight’ written all over the designs. One black hooded poncho featured the words ‘go where you feel most alive’ in a contrasting luminous green, a proverb we should defiantly all be living by. An interesting feature on some of the items was the embroidered patches of alien-like figures, perhaps the inhabitancies of the Zlism planet?

Each look was completed with a range of chain accessories, including necklaces and sunglasses, elevating each outfit to an astronomical level.

Zl by Zlism AW19 - London Fashion Week - Backstage Tales

As the brand intends, the simplicity of designs allowed each garb to be completely gender-neutral, meaning wearers can be expressive in their own ways, without being forced into a box.

If you want to look out of this word and get your hands on some Zl by Zlism pieces, the collection is now available across London, Berlin, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo.

Zl by Zlism AW19 - London Fashion Week - Backstage Tales

Text: Afua Aidoo

Images: Fashion Scout, Fabuk Magazine

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